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Jandu Spray Pump

Jandu Agro Industries are engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality Agricultural Machines. Our Agricultural Jandu Potato Digger, Jandu Automatic Potato Planter, Jandu Seed Drill, Jandu Disc Harrow, Jandu Spray Pump, Jandu Cultivator Pudlar, Jandu Stub Master, Jandu Haramba Thresher, Jandu Paddy Thresher, Jandu Chaff Cutter Cum Loader are a rage in the agricultural industry.

Jandu Spray Pump

Crop Type All Soil Types
Land Size 1 Square Feet
Length 52
Width 60
Pipe 100 mtr to 300mtr
Size Tank 500 ltr to 2000ltr
Capacity 40 to 10 acres (1hr)