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Super Seeder (Implements)

Darsh Palesse Super Seeder is a new invention for the combined application of soil preparation, seeding with fertilizer and the press wheel. Super Seeder is a combination of Rotary Tiller & Seed Planter. These super seeders are available with tayo blades and high quality components in India at best price.Super Seeder is a combination of Rotary Tiller & Seed Planter with press wheels. It is extensively used for planting a wide variety of seeds like wheat, soybean & grass. It is useful for removing stubble & roots of Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Maize etc. of various other crops. Super Seeder is a single pass solution to fulfil current farming needs to stop crop residue burning. It has a simple and easy metering system that allows changing of seed varieties with less seed waste and provides assurance of better germination. The metering device is designed with a combination of aluminium & cast iron for better performance & durability. It is low maintenance combination of Seed Planter and Rotary Tiller which is easy to operate and handle. Super seeder make cultivation, mulching sowing and fertilizer spreading together in one operation. These super seeders are now available in tyne and disc models.

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Crop Type All Soil Types
Land Size 1 Square Feet