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Pushpak Rotavator


  • Special Features
  • Especially useful for removing sugarcane & other Crop roots. Removes roots totally & thoroughly
  •  Simultaneous Furrowing and Cultivating can be done which results in saving on time, efforts and fuel
  •  Deep cultivation of soil. Compactness of soil does not take place
  •  Proper ground level maintained
  •  Next crop can be taken up immediately
  •  Extremely efficient due to specially designed blades
  •  No extra load on the tractor
  •  Speedy work: Specially design of PTO joint
  •  Easy availability of spare parts
  •  Easy to assemble and operate
  •  Attaching to tractor can be done by single person
  •  Zero maintenance
  •  New heavy design of three way link
  •  Both side support to gear box
  •  Heavy duty gear box design
  •  Most useful for grape farming and also other fruit farming
  •  Toolkit Available
  •  Available Models : 3 Feet ( 27 Blades) to 8 Feet ( 54 Blades)

Pushpak Iron Tractor Rotavator

Crop Type All Soil Types
Land Size 1 Square Feet
Feet 5
H.P. of Tractor 45 To 55 H.P.
Working Width (Approx) 150 cm
Working Depth (Approx) 6 TO 7 inch

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