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Vikas 325 tractor operated MINI Harvester Combine

VIKAS-325 Mini Combine Harvester is a compact tractor operated harvester. Small farmer is able to buy personal VIKAS-325 combine for small farm use as price is fraction of conventional combine cost. It is especially useful for farmers harvesting wide patches of crops such as Rice, Corn, Wheat, Black gram, Jeera, White gram, Toor, Mustard, Ragi, Soyabean Etc. and other produce, and harvest them right in the field. VIKAS-325 can run with only 45 HPit is very economical to run. Tractor can be used forother cultivation activities. The time which it takes to dismantle or attach the VIKAS-325 combine with the tractor is very fast giving more time in field. The width of VIKAS-325 is same as conventional combine & it is a lowweight machine i.e. it is usable on both wet & dry lands. Other combines need to come with special retrofitted tracks to cultivate crops in wet areas. VIKAS-325 is a customisable machine i.e. farmers can get long straw for animal food or chopped for natural fertiliser. With this feature it there is no need to burn the residue ofthe produce making it an eco-friendly machine.


  • Attach Bucket for saving Straw Wastage
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Chopping Straw and Cleaning at same time
  • High Grain Cleaning 0.50 to 2.50 Acres/Hour
  • Small Turning Radius
  • 5 to 6 Litre Diesel per Hour
  • Suitable for Wet Land
  • Vikas 325 Mini Combine Harvester, Power: 50-70 HP
Crop Type All Soil Types
Land Size 1 Square Feet
Cutter Bar Width 2210 MM (7.25 feet)
Cutter Height Min 76 MM (3″)
Cutter Height Max 800 MM (32″)
Tractor TYPE – 50 HP, Dual Clutch, Power Steering Yes
Dimensions 6470 MM (L)* 2850 MM (W) * 2900 MM (H)

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