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About us

Mera Farmhouse is an agricultural cooperative dedicated to make everything available to farmers.MFH is a forum for exchanging information on the most recent agricultural inputs and animals, as well as receiving advice from a range of agricultural professionals, in order to enhance awareness of agricultural technological innovation through integrated activities.We are a qualified team of IT and media professionals committed to enhancing and simplifying communication. Our experts are here to help you with any agricultural, livestock, or agricultural machinery difficulties you may have.

Why We Do It

We at MFH strive to maintain our social media accounts current so that we can provide you with fascinating data and keep you up to speed on what's going on in the globe. Mera Farmhouse is a non-profit organisation working in the field of agriculture with the goal of making anything and everything accessible to those involved in farming. MFH is a providing consultation from various agricultural specialists in order to raise awareness of agricultural technology innovation through integrated activities.

To improve income gains from production gains, smallholder farmers need to sell their produce as efficiently as possible, for the best possible price, without having to take time away from farming or their families.

Enhance Marketing of Your BusinessAdvertise your business online with banner ads or by placing your store at the top of search results on online marketplaces.The tools and APIs provided to the admin and merchants linked with the online farmer marketplace make keeping track of your daily sales and orders much easier.The tools and APIs provided to the admin and merchants linked with the online farmer marketplace make keeping track of your daily sales and orders much easier.

Customer Convenience

Most of the farmers who joined online agriculture markets own small to midsize farms. With the help of an online presence, these farmers would likely sell their products easily .you have the ability to provide detailed descriptions and photos for each of your products.suggestions for additional or complimentary products can also be facilitated through product descriptions, photos and videos, or platform intelligence features. These advantages do come with an associated time requirement which is one of the challenges you'll face.

Who We Are & What We Do

Nikhil Garg

Because I come from a family that is highly involved in the agriculture sector, I noticed that the industry, which is the most important portion of our country in terms of GDP, is not well connected to technology. In comparison to other countries, sellers and farmers still face issues that are quite basic in nature. So, my goal with Mera Farmhouse was to connect our farmers and vendors to modern technology and alleviate all of their concerns in the agriculture business.

Pawan Mangla

In March 1984, I began my adventure modestly and humbly in the steel trading sector in Chandigarh. By 1992, we had become a SAIL distributor, and by 1996, we had teamed up with the gigantic TATA Steel. The journey and relationship grew so strong that by 2000, we were TATA Steel's top distributor.That initial period was difficult and full of obstacles, but with hard work and a clear vision, we were able to successfully create a solid link with our clients. With my experience interacting with manufacturers and dealers, I've seen them face growing hurdles. When I met Nikhil, we talked about all of the problems and came up with the concept of MERA FARMHOUSE. Whatever it takes, I'll do everything I can to help my farmers and manufacturers overcome their difficulties and develop tremendously.