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Vikas 315 Tractor Mounted Harvester Combine

VIKAS-315 Combine Harvester is a mechanised method which combines the process of reaping, threshing, and winnowing of crops using a single machine. It is especially useful for farmers harvesting wide patches of crops such as Rice, Corn, Wheat, Black gram, Jeera, White gram, Toor, Mustard, Soyabean Etc. and other produce, and harvest them right in the field. These machines increase agricultural output since the harvesting is carried out in a more eicient way making farming more profitable. Since VIKAS-315 is tractor mounted, the farmer has option to use tractor in non-harvesting season forother farm activities


  • Open Back Cover
  • Heavy Worm Shaft
  • Side Window for Guide Drum
  • Extra Feeder Angles
  • Self Type Outer Pipe
  • Two Way Spike Drum
  • Self Type Real Axle
  • Extra Teeth Straw Walker
  • Main Shaft No. 10 Bearings
  • 16’ Auger
  • Maize Cutter Available Optionally

Crop Type All Soil Types
Land Size 1 Square Feet
Cutter Bar Width 12 feet
Chassis 46″ Tank
Capacity 1000-1200 KGS
Straw Walker 5 NOS – 5 STEPS
Cutting Capacity 2-3 Acres per Hour

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